This man is a 12-year-old member of the Armed Forces TNI to be able to educate children and get easy credit from the motorcycle – M, male from Kelurahan Kwala Bekala, Kecamatan Field Johor, North Sumatra, was arrested because he was found to be a fake TNI member, Thursday (07/30/2020).

This 50-year-old man has been a member of the fake TNI for 12 years.

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The perpetrator used his identity as a TNI to make it easier to arrange motorcycle loans, apply for work, and go to college for his two children.

M is also disguised in order to be trusted to maintain the project.

“The use of the identity of the TNI AD in all these documents is intended by the perpetrators to facilitate their actions inbacking project activities. Such as packaging LPG tubes, and underground cable installation activities owned by PLN, “said Dandim 0201 / BS Lt. Col. Inf Agus Setiandar in Medan, North Sumatra, quoted from KompasTV, Sunday (2/8/2020).

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M has been a member of the fake TNI since 2008, when he stopped working as the private driver of a middle-ranking officer (Pamen) with the rank of colonel.


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