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You probably remember a long-standing problem that affected iPhones all over the world: a character that blocked your iPhone, at least for a long time. Although it may seem incredible, in the middle of 2020 it happens again, with a very similar modus operandi.

An iOS bug is causing that if an iPhone receives a specific character string, crashes. Not that the phone is ‘brickee’, that is to say, that it remains useless. But it is an annoying bug that is spreading among some people who only want to bother.

Crashed devices can be recovered again, and it is very easy to fix. But as it happened in the past, this bug can make some people, with very bad faith, dedicate themselves to sending these characters to iPhone users. Because the problem is that this bug is triggered if you receive those characters through messaging apps.

The character bug comes back again

The bug occurs when several very specific characters are received from the sindhi, a language native to Pakistan. This is not due to older versions of iPhone; users report that even devices with iOS 13.4.1, the latest version of Apple’s smartphone operating system.

But what happens if we get the message from a funny guy with a really bad slobber? Fortunately, the problem can be solved in a very simple way: by restarting the iPhone. In the case of an iPhone with Face ID we will have to press and hold the lock button next to the volume keys. If you have Touch ID or home button, you will have to press that next to the off button.

If you have received it, the moment you see the message in your messaging app, your phone will be locked. The trick to avoid that problem is to enter to the web version of the app (apps like Telegram or WhatsApp have theirs) and delete the message, then restart the phone again.

Now it is a matter of time before Apple fixes this problem. In iOS 11 something very similar happened with Indian characters, a bug that also went viral and that forced the Cupertino people to solve the problem practically days later. In case you know the characters, try to avoid being sent them and of course do not send them, since it is a very annoying mistake and that can cause serious problems to people less knowledgeable in technology.


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