This new essential kitchen appliance at a gift price that will go like hot cakes

What could be better than a good ridge at home? For that, you need the must of the crepe maker and precisely, Lidl offers a professional crepe maker from the Silvercrest brand. Explanations.

A crepe maker at a low price

One of the areas that lends itself the most to research and experimentation is cooking. Indeed, when it comes to making small preparations for breakfast, snacks, the most popular dishes or even desserts, everyone is trying to do the best they can. And for this, with technology and creativity, certain devices have been developed to cook these recipes. As is often the case, Lidl surprises us again with a professional crepe maker from the Silvercrest brand whose success is well established.

The crepe maker Lidl is ideal for making authentic, thin, wide and above all regular pancakes. The non-stick food contact plate guarantees this result. You also have a distributor and a spatula, enough to make pancakes as good as in Brittany. But that’s not all, it is also possible to regulate the temperature thanks to the thermostat, practical to satisfy those who like pancakes hardly cooked or on the contrary, well browned. What do you want more ? The device is available at a price of 21.99 euros from September 10. But be careful, we will have to be quick because there may not be something for everyone.

Masks washable 50 times

If the crepe maker will have to make a box, Lidl once again risk of breaking the house with the sale of masks. It must be said that this is not the first time and certainly not the last that the company has made the buzz about low cost. Thus, today, the German brand has just released a completely revolutionary health protection mask at an unbeatable price that defies all competition. In fact, it will be possible to wash your mask 50 times, which would help many families to save money. The masks are sold in stores for € 2.99, an unbeatable price.

The German brand also allows these 100% cotton masks to be purchased in four different colors (black, green, white and gray). That’s not all since the approved mask Lidl Category 1 filters at least 90% of particles in the air. It is recommended to machine wash it at 60 °, with regard to its maintenance, and with a natural detergent, to avoid skin inflammation, and to opt for machine drying as well. So don’t hesitate!

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