This new male contraceptive will be tested on 400 pairs –


A large subject compared to that of male contraception.

Because the options exist beyond condoms and vasectomies, but they are unknown, difficult to access. Then a novelty in the fieldit is always synonymous with hope!

The new male contraceptive gel

I'm not talking about Vasalgel, injected at the level of the testicles, which blocks the channels through which the sperm pass.

The innovation of the day, forwarded by the Boston Herald, is called Nestorone gel e is the male hormonal contraception (gel form) which contains progesterone, testosterone and then nestorone.

Nestorone is a progestin already used for some forms of female contraception (rings, prostheses) and for the treatment of endometriosis.

This new male contraceptive gel is apply daily on the upper part of the arm and shoulder. Penetrating the skin, its hormones eventually reach the pituitary gland or the pituitary gland.

This gland is particularly responsible for the production of eggs or sperm. It will take 16 weeks to freeze to have significant effects.

Nestorone's gel is again tested in 400 US pairs in three US states.

Advantages and disadvantages of male contraceptive gel

The effects of freezing are reversible By stopping the use, men would have seen their sperm production return to normal.

Its application does not seem very complicated, as long as the dose to be used is correctly indicated.

By cons, 16 weeks (or 4 months), I find it too much time to do it …

In addition, a small portion of men who have already tested the Nestorone gel reported side effects similar to those of the pill (or other hormonal contraceptives): acne, especially weight gain.

To see if these new clinical trials will lead to unpublished, unexpected and conclusive conclusions …

Male contraception, the big question

I can not wait to see new contraceptive options.

To avoid unwanted pregnancies, it is essential that there are as many choices as possible, so that everyone can find the method that suits him!

I know, however, that male contraception is a little "apart" in the sense that the person who takes it is not the one who will experience, if necessary, the unwanted pregnancy.

Many women told me that they could not rely solely on the contraception of their partner, because in case of failure, that's not what's tinkling ".

However, more options, allows men to have better control of their fertilityand women not to be alone to pay attention to risks.

Recently I told you about the mental weight of contraception, which too often belongs to women and only to women.

If a freeze on the shoulder, for men who want it, can allow them to take part of this mental load and feel better protected, I say bank!

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