This Passenger Forcibly Opens the Plane Door in the Air, He Said Jesus Ordered


Story passenger with the ‘insanity’ became the daily food of the world’s airlines. Recently there has been another commotion by passengers with astonishing reasons.

Reported from Southwest Airlines from Ohio to Texas made a scene by one female passenger. This woman is named Elon Agbegninou (34).

All seemed fine, until the plane took off. Suddenly, Agbegninou stood up from his chair and walked to the emergency exit.



Agbegninou looks like he’s about to open the emergency exit mid-flight. Passengers who saw it immediately tackled Agbegninou. But Agbegninou was angry and bit the passenger’s thigh.

The passenger was in pain and tried to open Agbegninou’s jaw with his fingers. The bite slipped away, Agbegninou fell to the floor.

I don’t know what got into him, Agbegninou started banging his head on the floor of the plane. He said Jesus told him to fly to Ohio and Jesus also told him to open the emergency door in the middle of the flight.

Passengers who heard it were shocked. They thought that Agbegninou had gone mad.

“Passengers rushed to Agbegninou and held him back to the emergency exit. I think the worst case, maybe the plane will crash,” said a passenger named Ding Yu, quoted from Fox News.

Because of this excitement, the captain of the plane finally decided to make an emergency landing at the National Airport and Hillary Clinton in Little Rock. The flight that should have taken 3 hours turned into 6 hours.

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Agbegninou got off the plane under the escort of the authorities. He was still babbling with a blank stare.

According to reports from the police, Agbegninou left the house without informing her husband. He said he would be visiting the family home in Maryland. Agbegninou also said he was very worried because he had not flown for a long time.

According to the criminal complaint, Agbegninou is expected to face charges of assault within maritime and territorial jurisdiction and interference with flight crew and flight attendants.

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