Health This Plant in your garden keeps away the mosquitoes

This Plant in your garden keeps away the mosquitoes

Many people try to fight mosquitoes with chemical agents. There are also effective natural ways: of plants against mosquitoes are visually appealing and significantly more environmentally friendly than insecticides.

Plants against mosquitoes, help?

Biologist Karin Greiner recommends the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), plants against mosquitoes use. Her tip: “in the past, on every farm in the vicinity of the son of a walnut tree a heap. Its exhalations not only mosquitoes, but also flies and horseflies away.”

With indoor plants you can Mosquito expel: Scented geraniums, fresh lavender, rosemary, Basil, Catnip, and garlic do not like the smell, the pests do not like. The yellow or orange flowers of Calendula have a deterrent effect. And a classic of Mosquito repellant are lemon scents, like lemon balm, lemon grass, lemon geranium. And tomatoes seem to have proven themselves.

Set the Plant on top next to the window, so that natural evaporation can directly act on the spot. According to the expert, Greiner, the shrub must bloom or bear fruit, to pass the blood-sucking pests effectively. Whether the plant against mosquitoes help in every case, however, is controversial. The BR recommends, just to try out, what natural means for you most likely are eligible.

Grandma’s recipe against mosquitoes was always the Foliage of tomato plants. Cut off and put in a Vase, the smell should stop in the bedroom, the plague spirits. The really works? Yes, say the experts at the flower offices in Essen. Would you advise against stinging insects to a tomato plant on the terrace or a few leaves of this Plant on the table.

Natural remedy against insects

Nehle Hoffer from the nature conservation Department of the Federation for environment and nature conservation Germany (BUND), advises a halved lemon, studded with dried cloves to put on the window sill. Alternatively, scented candles and incense sticks to sell with the same flavors mosquitoes.

After all, plants can also be used as Home remedies for mosquito bites help. Tip: Crush a leaf of lemon balm between the fingers and dribble the juice on the bite. This remedy should give you relief against the itching. Also pleasant for the skin with a tincture from a third of a plantain and two – thirds of alcohol-the best Grappa or double grain, but in any case, a drink with more than 40 percent alcohol content.



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