This Pokémon theory would explain a few things about your mother in the game

In the Pokémon video game series we can see many characters during the plot. Whether in the first game or in the fourth, we always find a mother who is attentive at home and who always wants you to come back and protect yourself when you go out to venture to catch Pokémon.

All mothers have something in common that represents them, and that is that they usually ask you to rest. The interesting thing is that every time you rest, your Pokémon magically regain life, but a Reddit fan named Swiss_Army_Cheese believes there is an explanation behind all this.

Your Mom doesn’t actually heal your pokemon. She’s in league with the PokeCenter from pokemonconspiracies

According to the theory of the said user, Pokémon cannot recover just like that while you are sleeping. This is why he thinks that when mothers rest bring all creatures to the Pokémon Center closest. And you can’t figure this out because you wake up after all the Pokémon are recovered and brought home.

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