This Red Devil hopes very hard for a basic place on Tuesday: “Especially for me”

Sebastiaan Bornauw is Red Devil again after he briefly disappeared from view under Roberto Martinez. Wolfsburg’s tough defender hopes for playing time on Tuesday in ‘his’ Cologne.

FC Köln is the team that bought him from Anderlecht. After two years he earned a transfer to Wolfsburg, where he is doing well. Now he also hopes to play there after having already had a raid against Sweden.

“I feel like I’m pretty close to the team,” he said on Sunday. “But everyone has that feeling in this limited selection. Whether I’m going to play, I don’t know yet, because it hasn’t been talked about yet. And otherwise I wouldn’t say it either,” he emphasized the new duty of confidentiality within the national team. “But I really hope so because, as I said, Cologne is a special place for me.”

Germany still commands respect, despite falling to 14th place in the FIFA ranking. “We should not underestimate them, because this is still a big team with a lot of good players. Those men don’t know the concept of ‘friend match’. They always want to win, especially at home.”

“The crisis at Bayern can have a reverse effect. Those players may want to show themselves extra. By the way, there are only three of Bayern in the selection.”

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