| This Saturday 276 cases of coronavirus were registered

The patients –177 from Villa Mercedes, 50 from San Luis, 11 from Concarán, 8 from Naschel, 5 from El Trapiche, 4 from La Punta, 4 from Tilisarao, 3 from Juana Koslay, 3 from Justo Daract, 2 from Villa de Merlo, 2 from Buena Esperanza, 1 from Villa de la Quebrada, 1 from San Jerónimo, 1 from Carpintería, 1 from El Volcán, 1 from San Francisco del Monte de Oro, 1 from Fraga and 1 from Villa del Carmen-, are isolated and under strict epidemiological control.

The death of 6 people, residents of San Luis, Villa de Merlo, Concarán and Naschel, with a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 and risk factors due to their underlying pathologies, was also reported.

At the moment, in the province of San Luis there are 4,798 cases: 2,618 active, 2102 discharges and 78 deaths.


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