this scene from the Pixar cartoon is controversial 12 years after its release

Film d’animation worship that we owe to Pixar, Toy Story 3 was released in 2010. but it is only now that one scene in particular creates the controversy online, sparking heated debates about TikTok ! But why, exactly?

When Toy Story 3 returns to center stage

TikTok is a particularly divisive social network. It attracts many criticisms and its content is often deemed mind-numbing, but the fact is that the network is a real phenomenon enjoyed by tens of millions of users around the world. Most who would have thought that TikTok could make it possible to raise debates on works that are more than ten years old?

Lately, it’s a short excerpt from a very specific scene from Toy Story 3 which is the center of attention: published two days ago, the video has accumulated nearly 30 million views and more than 50,000 comments. And for good reason, an auditory hallucination creates discord, because not all Internet users hear the same thing. And if the third part of the adventures of Buzz, Woodie and consort was coarser than we imagined?

Ken, a rude character?

On TikTok, the scene of Toy Story 3 which is controversial is a – literally – heartbreaking scene. We find Ken prisoner of a very reassembled Barbie, who begins to tear up his belongings. Panicked, Ken then exclaims “Oh, Barbie !”. Well… It’s supposed to be what he says. For many Internet users, in the original version, the doll is expressed rather with a vulgar “Oh fuck !” (“Oh shit !”).

@kittyfeeley I literally hear both #toystory3 #yannyorlaurel u266coriginal sound – Kitty Feeley

Let’s not make the suspense last, this second version is only an auditory hallucination, but it’s funny how well it works on a lot of people, including this writer. All the more surprising that the words “Barbie” and “fuck” do not have a priori much in common. This is what surprises the tiktokeurs, having fun in particular that they could not hear “Barbie” “no matter how much [ils] essay[ent]”. Another can’t believe it because he has “heard ‘Oh Barbie’ the first time and now |he]can’t hear it again”. We found our new white/gold or blue and black dress debate!

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