This season’s freestyle skiing aerial skills for the first time swept the top three Chinese teams will hit the Winter Olympics gold medal again – Xinhua

This season’s freestyle skiing aerial skills have swept the top three for the first time, and the Chinese team will hit the Winter Olympics gold medal again

Wang Xindi in the game. @Xinhua

Champion Wang Xindi (middle), runner-up Yang Longxiao (right) and third runner-up Sun Jiaxu celebrate at the award ceremony. @Xinhua

On January 13, Beijing time, the Freestyle Skiing Aerials World Cup ended in Deer Valley, USA, which is the last World Cup of the season. With the end of the game, the Chinese team’s quota for the Winter Olympics has also been determined. In the end, 4 men and 3 women will participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Among them, the 3 women who have qualified for the Olympic Games are likely to be Xu Mengtao, Kong Fanyu and Shao Qi; From Jia Zongyang, Qi Guangpu, Sun Jiaxu, Yang Longxiao, Wang Xindi 5 people.

Chinese men’s team encounters “happy troubles”

Early yesterday morning Beijing time, in the 2021-2022 Freestyle Skiing Aerial Skills World Cup held in Deer Valley, the United States, the Chinese men’s team played well and won the championship, runner-up and third place. The Freestyle Skiing Aerial Skills World Cup USA Lugu Station is the last World Cup before the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Chinese players are in good condition. In the two rounds of the finals, the men’s team player Wang Xindi scored 122.62 points in the second round to directly lock the championship. He is the first individual champion this season; Yang Longxiao, a male player born in 2002, scored 112.67 points with a move equivalent to Wang Xindi and won the silver medal; Sun Jiaxu, who won the first World Cup individual championship of the season in the last Canadian station, landed when he landed. There was a mistake, and he scored 83.50 points and won the third place. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that Chinese players have taken the top three in the World Cup this season. However, while the teenagers performed well, the two veterans Qi Guangpu and Jia Zongyang generally failed to play in the first round of the final. Enter the second round.

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Less than a month before the start of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the competitive state of the Chinese freestyle skiing aerial skills team is at its best. After six World Cup competitions, the Chinese team currently has 5 men and 3 women who may have been shortlisted for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Among them, the women’s team Xu Mengtao, Kong Fanyu and Shao Qi have already qualified for the Winter Olympics. In terms of men, thanks to their outstanding performance in the last World Cup before the Beijing Winter Olympics, the five Chinese men’s team ranked in the top 25 in Olympic points and won the full number of seats in the Winter Olympics. Since the maximum number of participants for each team in the Freestyle Skiing Aerial Skills event is 4 men and 4 women, according to the current real-time ranking of the Winter Olympics standings on the official website of FIS, Sun Jiaxu ranks 13th and Jia Zongyang ranks 1st. 15. Yang Longxiao is the 17th, Qi Guangpu is the 20th, and Wang Xindi is the 22nd. Among them, the Olympic rankings of Wang Xindi and Yang Longxiao have been greatly improved in the competition at the Deer Valley Station in the United States. Therefore, which 4 people to choose in the end will become the “happy trouble” of the Chinese team.

The Chinese team is expected to win the gold medal in 16 years

At the Beijing Winter Olympics, a mixed team event was added to the freestyle skiing aerial skills event, which is undoubtedly good news for the Chinese team with strong overall strength. Freestyle skiing aerial skills have always been an advantage in China’s ice and snow, and Chinese athletes have been able to win the Winter Olympics since Li Nina. Before that, he just lacked a little luck and passed by the champion many times. It was not until Han Xiaopeng won the championship in the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics that he achieved a breakthrough of zero gold medals in China’s ice, snow and snow events.

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After Han Xiaopeng won the championship in 2006, Li Nina was the closest to the Winter Olympics championship. In the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, she won her second Winter Olympics silver medal. After that, the best result of the Chinese team was Jia Zongyang in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter. Olympic runner-up.

Judging from the first six World Cups this season, Russian star Maksim in the men’s event is “leading the way”, and Chinese players still need to perform more stably on the spot under more difficult moves, striving to achieve a breakthrough in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Throughout the recent Winter Olympics, although the Chinese men’s team has entered the top three in freestyle skiing aerial skills several times, it is always regrettable that they missed the gold medal. This time, in addition to Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu, rising stars Sun Jiaxu, Yang Longxiao and others also added a possibility to the dream of hitting the gold medal. In the past 16 years, the Chinese aerial skills team is about to stand on the stage of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The goal is to continue its glory and win gold again. (Reporter Bai Zhibiao)


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