This skill bug is currently annoying many players in The Division 2


In The Division 2, c & # 39; a bug that hinders the use of some skills. So you can use some skills only for a short time.

What is this bug doing? This bug affects your skills. If you want to use some skills that last a long time, they will simply be deleted after a short time.

So far, you don't know much about this mistake. Apparently not all players are interested and even with these the bug does not occur with every use of skill.

We know about the skill bug

Here's how the bug looks: In Reddit, players report being struggling with certain skills, such as the shield. So they use the shield, but immediately after the skill has been canceled.

Only after a recovery time of 15 seconds, you can use the skill again.

Especially with the shield, this bug is annoying because you really want to aggressively run towards the opponent and leave the previous cover. If the sign suddenly disappears, you are there stupidly.

the skill of division 2
These skills exist in The Division 2. Some of them are bent.

Here's how it should work: The skills involved usually last longer. If the skill is "exhausted", it will take some time before it lapses before it is ready for use again.

You already know: The bug is not related to any equipment or special character. He moves away from the bench and cannot be permanently fixed by the players.

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These abilities are not affected: So far some skills are not affected by the bug. This is because they are turned on only once and consumed directly – they are not active for a long time. These include:

  • pulse
  • Chemical launcher
  • Firefly

Skills like the drone or the shield are very often affected. These are abilities that last for a long period of time.

The drone is also affected by the bug

Are there solutions? So far, you don't know how to handle this bug. Some players suspect the mods may be responsible for the cooldown. This has not been confirmed.

There were already numerous bugs solved by Massive, then in the 1.03 update. When this skill problem is solved, we'll see.

Have you already been affected by this bug?

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