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Science and Technology Center / Reported by Lan Shimeng

In addition to selling the latest iPhone 13 mobile phone, Apple recently released the latest version of iOS 15 to allow users to upgrade the system. However, many users reported that they could not unlock the phone with Apple Watch, and the system would pop up an error message. The prompt “Unable to connect with Apple Watch” makes many iPhone 13 users feel quite troubled, and the detailed reason is currently under investigation by Apple.

▲ Many disasters broke out after the iPhone 13 went on sale. (Photo by reporter Gu Ting)

Due to the epidemic, many people go out to carry masks and cannot easily use Face ID to unlock their phones. They will unlock through the connection of Apple Watch and quickly turn on the iPhone; however, several Apple users have reported on Reddit recently. After they started with the iPhone 13 equipped with the latest iOS 15 system, they found that the unlocked function of the Apple Watch could not be used normally.

▲Many iPhone 13 users have found that they cannot use Apple Watch to unlock the phone’s functions normally. (Picture/Retrieved from Apple’s official website)

Some users pointed out that no matter how he resets, repairs, connects the phone and Apple Watch, as long as the unlock function is used, the system will pop up an error message “Unable to connect with Apple Watch”, which makes users very distressed; With the exception of iPhone 13, users of other old iPhone models said that they can still use the unlocking function of Apple Watch after upgrading to iOS 15.

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▲Apple officials stated that the detailed reasons are still under investigation. (Photo by reporter Gu Ting)

Therefore, some netizens responded directly to the Apple official. The official reply is that the detailed reason is still under investigation, and a plan will be launched as soon as possible to fix the anomaly. In addition, there are also estimates that Apple may release a sub-version of iOS 15 to solve the bug that iPhone 13 users cannot use Apple Watch to unlock it. However, when the disaster will be resolved, there is no time to release it.

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