This veteran wants to finance the Trump Wall with crowdfunding


Brian Kolfage has raised $ 20 million in commitments to build the Donald Trump wall on the Mexican border. But several investigations have shed light on the dubious business of the ultraconservative veteran.

The crowdfunding site GoFundMe has a problem with the wall on the Mexican border of US President Donald Trump. More specifically, it has a concern with a plate of 20 millions of dollars raised to finance its construction. The platform announced, Saturday 12 January, which intended to reimburse donors because the campaign did not reach its original target of one billion dollars. But Brian Kolfage, the initiator of this operation, listens to him in another ear.

This former military veteran, decorated with two paws and with a hand in the Iraq war, continues to accept donations on GoFundMe for the wall. He does not intend, however, to pay the money to the government, but rather to an organization he co-founded, including Erik Prince, the former patron of Blackwater's mercenaries, who will build the wall for housing by Donald Trump.

The homepage of the crowdfunding campaign for the Donald Trump wall
The homepage of the crowdfunding campaign for the Donald Trump wall Screenshot – GoFundMe

Pro GoFundMe Campagne

Brian Kolfage explains in his GoFundMe page that he could not legally pay the funds to the state, so he needed to find another way to help the president keep the promise of his campaign. It commits, however, to reimburse all those who do not agree with this change in terms of its crowdfunding campaign.

Since its inception in December 2018, this fundraising has been controversial. His ambitious goal of raising one billion dollars, the same "triumphant" rhetoric adopted by Brian Kolfage to justify his anti-migrant approach, has made a project politically very precise. It is also what has allowed this GoFundMe campaign to be one of the most publicized in recent years.

The change of beneficiary of the collected sums added to the inconvenience. The new structure should help build the wall counts, among its "advisers", some of the most extremist members of the republican camp. For example, Kris Kobach, the unfortunate governor of Kansas in November 2018, made headlines for having surrounded himself with members of the tiny Supremacy group Identity Evropa during the last medium-term campaign. Another, the former sheriff David Clarke, has made racist statements, stating in particular that "the blacks [il est lui-même afro-américain, NDLR] sell drugs and commit crimes because they are lazy and morally decadent ".

But beyond this specific campaign, GoFundMe may have to admit to having a problem with Brian Kolfage himself, suggests an investigation by NBC. This veteran in recent years has multiplied the requests for donations on the platform and the final destination of money collected is not always very clear. He has raised tens of thousands of dollars, according to him, to hospitals for former soldiers since then 2013. But none of the institutions contacted by NBC recalls having contacted Brian Kolfage.

Follower follower

But Brian Kolfage was not active only on GoFundMe. He also made a name in the midst of ultra-conservative news sites, Buzzfeed said. From the election of Donald Trump in November In 2016, he acquired several Facebook pages and sites, such as Right Wing News or Freedom Daily, which he turned into a click machine for a conservative public eager for sensationalism. "From In 2016, he hired a dozen people to write and share content, pushing them to get over the topics or even to create stories to win more subscribers, "says Buzzfeed, so he published false related articles, among others, all 39. arrest of former president Barack Obama.

The purpose of this disinformation operation was to create a database of potential Republican voters, according to the Business Insider website, which also investigated the fund of Brian Kolfage's business. Internet users who have consulted articles published by the editors of the ex-army have been invited each time to sign petitions in which they had to leave their personal data. Information that can be costly for the campaign teams.

But Facebook ended in October 2018, to the small business of Brian Kolfage closing the pages he had acquired for "spam activities" and "publication of inaccurate contents". The reaction of the decorated veteran ? He launched a GoFundMe campaign to ask people to help finance a campaign to "end the censorship of social networks".


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