This Viral Youth is Not Prestige to Sell at the Night Market, Making Netizens Salfok


The persistence of children in trying to find sustenance certainly makes both parents feel touched and proud. Likewise, what was done by a mother who was surprised to see her son selling at a night market.

The story of young people selling at the night market went viral starting with an upload by Norlina Alawi via her TikTok account @norlinaalawi. He recorded his son, Syazwan, looking diligent and tenacious when wrapping food ordered by customers who were in line.

“This afternoon, mom pranked my single mom, Syazwan was selling at the night market, good luck, dear, because he worked hard as a seller of special menu food in Kelantan, Malaysia,” Syazwan’s mother wrote.



This man who lives in Malaysia is seen holding a pack of rice and serving customers who are ordering food. The mother also prayed for her son to become a successful entrepreneur.

“Hopefully Syazwan will continue to be successful in pursuing his goals and become a successful entrepreneur, Amin. Mama will continue to support you no matter what you like,” said the mother with emotion.

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In her post, Norlina said the weather had just finished raining and customers came with umbrellas. Syazwan appeared to be welcoming and serving customers’ orders.

While recording Syazwan’s action, his mother tried to get closer to his son. However, Syazwan did not realize that his mother was recording his actions while selling.

Syazwan’s reaction was suddenly surprised when he saw his own mother coming to the booth to support Syazwan selling. Syazwan’s persistence in seeking sustenance has succeeded in making netizens touched and also motivated.

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A man named Syazwan sells at a viral night market on social media. Photo: Doc. TikTok @norlianaalawi.

Netizens were amazed to see the mother supporting the steps taken by her son. The video uploaded by Norliana has been watched by more than 253 thousand views and immediately spread widely on social media.

“Diligent and sweet too Syazwan. Good luck in the world and the hereafter. Keep on doing business. God willing, it will bring lots of blessings,” said one netizen.

“His face also attracts sustenance, his calm face. May he continue to be successful and obu’s prayer is everything,” said another netizen.

“Sweet smile. His face beamed when he saw his mother even though he was surprised,” said another netizen.

A man named Syazwan sells at a viral night market on social media.A man named Syazwan sells at a viral night market on social media. Photo: Doc. TikTok @norlianaalawi.


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