This was “Gifuto”, the version of Delibird in the beta of Pokémon Gold and Silver – Nintenderos

As we have seen on other occasions, also thanks to Dr. Lava, many Pokémon have ended up having a different design than planned in the beta versions of video games.

Well, the one already known to all Delibird had the name of «Gifuto» in the beta versions of Pokémon Gold and Silver, launched in 1997 for Game Boy. Also, this one had the water and ice types, unlike the combination flying and ice current.

Another thing that has changed has been his sprite, which in the first versions reminds us even more of the Christmas figure of Santa claus, with his characteristic hat. You can take a look at it below:

What do you think? Do you like the beta design better or the current one? Leave us your opinion in the comments!

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