This was the moment of the arrest of the former Donald Trump campaign manager who threatened to commit suicide

Arrest of former Trump campaign manager

Former US President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, he had 10 guns in his home in Florida, reported the police, after the hospitalization after a call from his wife, who stated that he had beaten her.

According to the report, Parscale hit his wife, loaded his gun in the middle of an argument and threatened to commit suicidereported the police in Fort Lauderdale, 50 kilometers north of Miami.

Parscale, who was fired as a campaign manager when Trump sank in the polls in July, was forcibly hospitalized Sunday afternoon, after his wife Candice called the police because he was threatening suicide and was armed.

Video of the incident shows Candice Parscale, in a bikini and covered by a white coat, telling police in front of her home that she had had an altercation with her husband and that she saw him load his gun as he was leaving his study.

Parscale was relegated from his post by meager poll results and a failed Trump rally (Reuters)

So “I went to the garden,” said the woman. “I saw him open the garden blinds and then he closed them and I heard what I thought was a shot.”

Brad Parscale, 44, later left his home, shirtless, wearing shorts and a can of beer in hand, after a police officer repeatedly asked him on the phone to come out unarmed.

The police report indicates that seemed drunk and that he gave the impression of having been crying.

An agent suddenly knocked him down by the legs, and two more handcuffed him behind his back. “I did nothing! I did nothing!‚ÄĚParscale said.

He was forcibly sent to a hospital under a Florida law that allows for the temporary detention of someone affected by mental illness.

According to the incident report, Candice Parscale, 41, had said that her husband he had post-traumatic stress syndrome and had become violent in recent weeks.

Parscale had a high profile in the president's campaign events (Reuters)

Parscale had a high profile in the president’s campaign events (Reuters)

“I noticed several large bruises on both arms, cheek and forehead,” from Candice, Detective Steven Smith wrote.

“When I asked her how she got those bruises, she Said Brad Parscale hit her“And that the altercation that produced them had occurred days ago, he continued.

Police confiscated two shotguns, two rifles, a 22-caliber revolver and five pistols.

Parscale He was removed from office shortly after a Trump campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, widely criticized for poor attendance and because of an incoherent speech from the president, but he remained part of the campaign team.

(With information from AFP)


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