This was the rescue of four hypothermic Colombians trapped in a snowstorm in Navacerrada, Spain

The officer (left) led the five youths down the road to be rescued. Photo: given by the official to El Español

Spain is on meteorological alert after the passage of the filomena storm, which has left the country, especially the city of Madrid, covered in a great layer of snow that causes havoc. The meteorological agency AEMET described the situation as “exceptional” and “probably historical”, Well, for 50 years the capital of the Basque country has not experienced a snowfall like this.

During this week, the Spanish were surprised by the news that five people were rescued from the municipality of Navacerrada, located at 1,200 meters of altitude, where people usually go at this time to practice skiing. However, due to the alert for the heavy snowfall, the place has been closed and the Spanish authorities insist locals and tourists not to go to the place.

However, three Colombians, a Colombian and an Indian citizen, went to the place “without the appropriate equipment”, as reported by the Civil Guard of that country when it rescued them this Wednesday. What the Spanish media reported, surprised, is that the five young people were in the place with ‘jeans’ and sneakers, when around this time all the inhabitants of the area take out their winter clothes.

The authorities’ account is that a police officer was on a patrol in the area of Hell’s Throat, in Navacerrada, at an altitude of 1,970 meters, when he heard cries for help and, from afar, he managed to see the five young people and decided to alert the Civil Guard.

They were five young people, three girls and two boys, out in the open in street clothes and walking shoes.

As portrayed by the medium El Español, which obtained the official’s testimony, the situation occurred around 7 at night, when the thermometer in his vehicle indicated that it was 8 degrees below zero. “I am very fond of the mountains, and I always like to go out on the road when evening falls. I have my team, and in that sense I go out without problem, but it was much colder than on other occasions, ”said the agent who works at the Comisaría General de Información (CGI) of the National Police and that he preferred not to reveal his identity.

The agent assured that, had he not listened to them or had taken a little longer to notify rescuers, the five people would have died as a result of hypothermia. The man assured that he left his vehicle parked and began to walk to take photos of the area that, according to him, when night begins to fall is spectacular.

This is one of the photos that the officer who rescued the youth took before hearing the cries for help:

This is one of the photos that the officer who rescued the youths took before hearing the cries for help. Photo: given by the official to El Español

“I notified them (to the emergency number) and then they called the mountain group of the Civil Guard and the fire brigade and the Red Cross -the policeman continues-. I asked the kids where they were, but they didn’t know how to tell me, so I followed the shouting, ”said the officer.

After an hour of that call, the officer found the youth, who were without food or water, according to the man told the middle of that country. However, what surprised him the most is that none had adequate clothing for winter, “they told me they had been missing since 5 in the afternoon. They had called 112, but the phones had run out of battery. They had no food or drink ”.

The agent told the media that he asked the young people to form a single file behind him and follow him, he would take care of bringing them closer to an area where rescue teams could arrive. After a while, they came face to face with the rescue team, which was led by Fivi, a German shepherd specialized in mountain search and rescue., as reported by the EFE agency.

When they reached the nearest relief point, The authorities informed the Spanish media that they all showed signs of hypothermia and, indeed, would not have survived the low temperature had it not been for the officer. In addition, one of the men, it is not known if the Colombian, had a sprained foot that made it difficult for him to walk.

01/09/2021 Snowy Madrid dawns. A person advances with skis next to the Cibeles fountain, covered with snow by the storm Filomena, in Madrid (Spain) on January 9 EUROPA SPAIN SOCIEDAD JESÚS HELLÍN / EUROPA PRESS

Meanwhile, in Spain the alerts continue for the storm Filomena and the rescue of citizens who are trapped in the middle of the snow. People are choosing to hit the streets with ski equipment, because although the activity is prohibited in the mountains, at this time, for some citizens it is the best way to move around the city.


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