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This way of speaking increases the risk of coronavirus infection

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The droplet infection is considered the main cause of infection with Covid-19. Viruses enter the body through the air we breathe. The pronunciation can favor that.

  • In the case of a droplet infection, pathogens enter the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth via the air we breathe and thus find their way into the body.
  • Wearing a mouth-nose guard * reduces the risk of having others Infect Covid-19.
  • Scientists have now found that a certain way of speaking is particularly unfavorable in relation to that Corona virus is.

The coronavirus pandemic does not stop, new cases are reported worldwide. Internationally, scientists are researching how the corona virus is structured to make medicines and vaccines available to the masses as quickly as possible. The novel lung disease is still a lot of riddles, but some facts are considered certain – about that Covid-19 primarily spreads through the air we breathe – So by inhaling contaminated air.

Relatives of Covid 19 patients and medical professionals in particular belong to the risk group because they are in the immediate vicinity of those affected. As researchers have now found The risk of infection increases with the way patients speak.

Corona virus: certain sounds and stresses increase the risk of infection

Hissing sounds and a loud pronunciation increase the risk of infection *, since these factors promote a wet pronunciation. Certain words or stresses ensure that more air droplets get into the air and infect others. Especially with the “th” from English or other sounds that are formed in the front of the mouth area, moist breathing air is expelled. “If an infected person stands in front of me and says Thunderstorm, there is a great risk of catching me“quotes Spiegel Online environmental medicine specialist Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann from the Helmholtz Zentrum München and the Institute for Environmental Medicine at the Technical University of Munich.

Among other things, the decisive factor is where the drops and viruses arrive and how infectious they are, says Traidl-Hoffmann. If you breathe in through your nose, there is a good chance that you will end up blowing your handkerchief. In contrast, if inhaled directly into the lungs, coronaviruses can lead to serious illnesses *. “How high the concentration of virus particles around a corona patient is is still unclear,” says environmental medicine specialist Traidl-Hoffmann. How many viruses are necessary to trigger Covid-19 has not yet been clarified.

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These viruses and bacteria make us sick

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These viruses and bacteria make us sick


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