This weekend will be the summer of Sant Martí


This Saturday began with a cooler or colder atmosphere in different regions of the country than last Friday morning. The sky has become more serene in general and this has led to a decrease in thermometers between 2 and 4 ° C in most places.

During today's day, we expect a calm and usable day in general, albeit with small nuances. Cloudiness will be more abundant in the Midwest and especially in the Western Pyrenees, where it is not excluded that in the second part of the day some chilblains or weak spurts escape, little in principle and with a high snowstorm, located above 2,300 meters.

Except in this section, in the Middle East of Catalonia we do not expect rainfall. Clouds will generally be less abundant and there will be many more sun rays on the coast and prelinkal, where temperatures will rise clearly. Will be approached at 20 ° C in many places, especially in the counties of Girona, where there will be a winding and will be another factor to highlight.

The wind will blow today with force and could exceed 50/60 km / h with ease within the counties of Girona and in different points of the Costa Brava. It will also be heard in many places on the coast and in the prelate of Barcelona and central Catalonia, but in this last case it will be more crowded and with gusts that could even exceed this mark of 50 km / h.

From Sunday to Sunday, we could say that a day of "Sant Martí summer" is planned with all the letters, without nuances. We will have a radiant day in most of the Catalan counties, only with some high and thin clouds in the north-western part of the country, which would walk without further consequences.

The wind of garbí will continue to blow enthusiastically in many coastal and pre-coastal areas, which will ensure that the environment continues to be heated, especially in the counties of Girona, where it would not be surprising that some values ​​would scratch the sign of 25ºC or in time to overcome them Day to enjoy and enjoy the last days of the beach.


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