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Sentence, Tsukikaze Usagi —

This week, when the flow of fortune changes dramatically, who will get on the lucky wave and seize happiness? Based on this, I asked them to tell me “fortune and one-point advice from May 15th to May 21st” in a ranking format. Check out what month you were born in!

First of all, let’s check from the 11th place!

11th place…Born in February

A little mess may be lifted in private. You are kind, but do not touch as much as possible. You will be able to prevent troubles from spreading and you will be able to spend a surprisingly calm time. Arranging your room and desk is also effective in stabilizing your luck and mood.

One point advice of the week

When I’m irritated, I eat jelly. Low-calorie, bite-sized pieces are recommended.

10th place…Born in June

It’s easy to get depressed for no reason. Actually, it seems that the cause is that I haven’t been tired from the holidays. Take it easy this week and try to recharge your energy. Going to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual can also help.

One point advice of the week

Enjoy a self-massage while listening to your favorite music. The detox effect is high and fatigue should be blown away.

9th place…Born in December

Best as always. I’m worried that if I change my habits or ways of doing things because I don’t feel like it, I’ll fall into a bad mood. Even if you don’t have a response, just do the routine for the time being. That should get you back on track next week. Strict adherence to rules and regulations.

One point advice of the week

Praise yourself once a day. The more self-affirmation you have, the better your luck!

8th place…Born in August

You may be tempted to rebel against older people. Even if you don’t agree with what the other person is saying, it’s best to keep quiet and follow along this week. You won’t be seen as a strange enemy, your evaluation will explode, and you can expect to have a delicious experience in the near future.

One point advice of the week

Silence is golden. It’s time to shut up and wait and see what happens.

7th place…Born in March

Human relationships are likely to change. The new acquaintance this week is a lucky person who will change the future. Conversely, people who have distanced themselves are troublemakers, so you don’t have to worry about them too much. Love may also develop new developments if the target is changed.

One point advice of the week

Do not chase those who leave, and do not reject those who come. Keeping a flat stance in mind is a good luck point.

6th place…Born in October

This week with reversal power, you can show explosive power by being cornered. What you think is impossible is actually possible. Let’s boldly take on the challenge with a bad mind. The chances of winning again are high for re-attacking the opponent who was once humbled.

One point advice of the week

Negotiations and proposals are secret. It seems that you can expect a good return if you convey your passion straight.

5th Place: Born in November

There will be opportunities to move on. A seemingly unsatisfying offer with bad conditions is the trigger for a breakthrough. If you take the plunge, your life will change for the better. Beware of splurge and injury on Thursday.

One point advice of the week

Observe people close to you. I think I can grow with a lot of common points and notices.

4th place…Born in July

Arrangement week! Add a new element to your work, play, and fashion. By drastically changing procedures and members and incorporating seasonal tastes, it will be a week full of stimulation. Love is approaching quickly by playing catch of words!

One point advice of the week

Find out quickly what you don’t know. A weapon to increase the number of drawers and move on to the next.

3rd Place: Born in January

A week where hopes and wishes are easy to pass. Even if you usually tend to be shy around you, you don’t need to be guessing this week. Let’s clearly tell what you want to do and what you want, and grab hold of happiness. Good shopping on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

One point advice of the week

Power down after lunch time. Have a good lunch and stay strong in the afternoon.

2nd Place: Born in May

There are many times when you can feel that you are “lucky” because it is easy to get a tailwind for everything. Work is a good place to focus on this week. It’s the perfect time to work hard and find a job that suits you. When changing jobs, pay attention to the industries and companies you admire.

One point advice of the week

A light run before work or going out. Power awakens and seems to be powerful all day long.

Finally, let’s check the 12th and 1st place!

12th place…Born in April

A week of “ebb tide”. For her, things were going smoothly, her plans came to a halt, and her loved ones left her. But they will soon become obsolete. It’s correct to let go of it now. Disposal of unwanted items is also now.

One point advice of the week

Pamper yourself yourself. Cheat days and rewards are also for luck and mental nutrition only this week.

1st Place: Born in September

People born in September are at a turning point in their destiny and their luck explodes. It may have been a lot of trouble so far, but after this week, there should be more happy things. Unexpected invitations and requests are also divine revelations. Don’t hesitate to take it.

One point advice of the week

Make new clothes that stand out. You will have a chance to make a difference in the near future!

Stay tuned for next week’s update!

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