This will be the return of Enrique Ponce in 2024 with his "goodbye tour": from the return in Nimes to the farewell in Valencia

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When Enrique Ponce said goodbye without saying it In 2021, that is, somewhat French-style, he left the door ajar to do so, later, at the height of the fertile history of his unattainable 30 years – of milestones and figures – as a bullfighting figure.

That goodbye will finally be forged, after a rumor mill sustained in the last year that has accelerated this fall until it skyrocketed with the publication earlier this week of the photograph on social networks of Simón Casas from the meeting they held in a restaurant in Madrid, Casas himself, his partner Rafael García Garrido and Juan Ruiz, Ponce’s representative.

The teacher’s idea is to make a special goodbye tour in 2024 with a starting point in Nimes (France) at the end of May and touring the major fairs and fairs of the bullfighting circuit in a selective way that will make your afternoons events. The lack of incentives also helps to make this happen. A very favorable landscape for your return after leaving El Juli.

There will be no more than 20 afternoons in principle, nor less than 15 (approx). There is a dull rumor, like the one that precedes an auction, among businessmen about having Enrique Ponce. What will be the goodbye tour stages from Ponce? Still to be defined in its entirety, it seems clear that, beyond the start in Nimes, the Valencian maestro wants his last afternoon to be in Valencia, his homeland, after the border of summer, on the date of October 9, day of the Valencian Community. The project still in formation would announce all appointments of his season as if of a tour

Madrid? Yes, it is part of the plans, but not at the San Isidro Fair, but it could be in Autumn. García Garrido, in fact, has already met with Ponce on a couple of occasions – apart from this Monday with Juan Ruiz – to discuss and explore the possibilities. As the visible head of Plaza 1 and Nautalia Espacios 360, managers of the Las Ventas and Játiva street arenas, respectively, Garrido got up early to meet before anyone else with Enrique Ponce, the penultimate time at his Cetrina estatein Jaén.

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