This Wirid Makes Angels Overwhelmed by Recording the Rewards of Gus Baha

North Sulawesi portal – According to Gus Baha ada wirid who made angel overwhelmed take notes reward we.

Gus Baha say, wirid this will be rewarded reward multiply to make angel overwhelmed take notes.

If we often practice wirid this, said Gus Baha, angel will overwhelmed because of the reward reward very large.

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On one study occasion, Gus Baha even joking so that you don’t practice it often wirid this.

The reason is, according to scholars from Rembang, Central Java, it’s a pity angel if overwhelmed take notes reward.

So what wirid which Gus Baha what do you mean

Reported by from the Kalam-Islamic Studies YouTube channel on Sunday, May 15 2022, KH Ahmad Bahauddin Nursalim or Gus Baha give explanation.

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