This would have been the SECRET WEDDING of Adela Noriega with Jorge de Silva in Acapulco

After the surprising disappearance of Adela Noriega from the middle of the show, being one of the most recognized and acclaimed actresses on television, a new controversy afflicts her, as there are strong rumors that the protagonist of “Real Love” had a secret wedding at 52 years with the actor Jorge de Silva in Acapulco.

Adela Noriega Without a doubt, he is one of the most respected icons in the world of soap operas, since his charisma and professionalism managed to place several productions at the top of success, such as “Quinceañera”, “Amor real”, among others. Despite this, the actress always knew how to take her life out of focus in a private way, because she tried to avoid controversy as best as possible. However, many rumors plagued her, especially in her sentimental aspect and this year she was not her exception, since it is presumed that she had a secret wedding con George Silva.

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