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The 29-year-old is again a factor in the game of Bayern – and fierce: It seemed as if he wanted to record it with everyone in the stadium.

By Carsten Scheele, Bremen

If at some point after his retirement a book is written about Thomas Müller, then this cup match in Bremen will find his mention. Not in the part of the book, which is about the aging miller, who was maneuvered out of the national team at the age of 29, who did not want to succeed anymore, who sometimes did not hit a ball for weeks at a profit. Rather in the chapters on the real miller, the good miller, who showed it all with this game in Bremen – this Conclusio was almost on.

Müller was Munich's captain on this evening, who made it to the cup final, and his lecture is dominated by scenes that only subvert him in this regularity. It must be mentioned, of course, how he shot the ball in the first half of Bremen Niklas Moisander, the wide open goal in the leg. But above all, how he prevented Boatengs a bit, but nevertheless opening diagonal ball in the Bremen penalty area with his head on crossing the goal line and placed the game device in a crooked arc flight over goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka to the distant inside post, from where the ball exactly Lewandowski before the Feet flopped. The Pole dusted off the lead, but half the goal went to Müller's account, at least, rather three quarters.

With his own goal to 2: 0 Mueller broke then with each textbook opinion on the healthy human movement sequence, as he cleverly brought the deflected ball of Leon Goretzka first with his left leg under control and then trapped with his right leg on Pavlenka into the net steered. Müller celebrated his act in a kind of brownie dance with Goretzka, a borrowing from training, when a colleague tunnels his circle play there.

Brownie dance: Thomas Müller after his goal.

(Photo: Lars Baron / Getty Images)

Müller had already guessed what it would mean in the public rating: “My friends would say maybe: This was a classic Müller-Tor.” He grinned, “And those who do not like to watch me, may say so too.”

Who do not like to watch him? There were a number of this type of stadium-goers this evening, an estimated 97 percent of all Werder fans who had chosen Müller to the special enemy picture. That was also because of Müller's interpretation of the intended role of the interim chief. Manuel Neuer was missing in Bremen struck, so Müller wore Bayern tie. He was actually advancing, more energetic than anyone would have expected. He wanted to move into this final, so Müller fought, irritated, bumped, shoved, was spotted grazing in his own penalty area. And he rushed all over the place, when somewhere a discussion started, in which he then of course wanted to participate. Müller was everywhere, in front, in the back, he was “run like a rabbit”, praised Uli Hoeness. In general, Müller “has made a very good game,” said the official special praise.

Müller polarized strikingly; it seemed like he was developing a real zest for getting every Bremen and Bremen player up against him in the stadium. During the entire game, he played with green and white people, most clearly when he was replaced in the 89th minute at the score of 3: 2 against Rafinha. The stadium was after the controversial penalty whistle in an already dangerous state of aggregation, as Müller decided to make the case a little more. Stressed slowly he made his way to the sideline, was asked by Bremer players again and again to go one step faster; as the fans whistled hurriedly, Müller also clapped in the direction of the Munich Annex.

Everything went well, Müller said after a few moments of cooling. A few “heated discussions” are normal in such a game. He wanted to “not die in beauty”, but also bite and scratch: “That's what other teams do against us too.” Far after the match, it was again very loud and venomous in the stands, as Müller – previously awarded as a player of the game – finally left the place and gave him the waiting Bremen fans a last greeting on the way home to far away Bayern.

Halfway he sank, half he shot: After he had accepted the ball artistically, meets Thomas Müller, Bremen's Theodor Gebre Selassie schwant evil.

(Photo: imago images / Team 2)

That Müller suddenly seems to be the old man again, is one of the more important findings in the final spurt of the season. If it comes in the coming weeks for championship and trophy, Müller is again a factor in the Munich. The metamorphosis leads his trainer above all back to an event in early March, because the decision of Joachim Loew to no longer rely on Müller in the DFB team had hit the longtime national player hard. Obviously also inspired. “Since the dismantling of the national team,” said Niko Kovac, “he's doing really well, before that it was okay.”

In Bremen Thomas Müller was actually far from being just “okay”.

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