Thomas Müller of Messi’s departure from Barça

Bayern Munich striker Thomas Müller has joked about Leo Messi leaving Barca.

Lionel Messi au Bayern Munich? Thomas Müller lent himself to the journalists’ game on Thursday, during a promotional event in Munich.

Barça – Antoine Griezmann, at the center of the post-Messi project?

For the Munich winger, the salary of the Argentine striker about to leave Camp Nou will be very difficult for the champion ofGermany and Europe.

“I’ve spoken to our CFO a couple of times in the past few months. And I don’t think there’s anything we can do about it,” the 30-year-old joked to reporters on Thursday.

“The fact that some change is happening now may also be of interest to the football world. Other than the Barcelona fans, who I can understand, no one really sees this departure with a critical eye. People are quite curious. to know what new avenues will open up “, added Müller


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