Thompson has already set his tariff for the Warriors | basketball


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Klay Thompson and Golden State Warriors, They do not want to separate their ways, but money can be an influential factor for breaking both, since the stock does not intend to receive discounts to stay in the San Francisco Bay, making it clear that your rate will be $ 190 million, otherwise, it is almost certain that Thompson decides to leave Oakland.

It should be noted that the Warriors will have great economic problems, considering this Kevin Durant He will also be a free agent, so the franchise does not intend to separate from either, but surely his pockets will be completely adjusted and it is not yet known whether they can cover the payment of both athletes.

Another big problem that the Warriors will have will be a great deal of competitiveness, as the other teams will try to get the services of both players, and surely they will offer them a better reward, something that will be a headache for those of the Bay, however they could convince them to keep them long and with the required payment.


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