Thoroughly revamped, the next-generation 2022 Nissan Qashqai

Almost five decades have passed since its launch and the time has come for the Nissan Qashqai 2022 to renew itself thoroughly to make way for generation number three of this important crossover from Automotive company Japanese that has been very successful in several markets where this sport utility vehicle (O SUV) has presence.

The update reaches the level of motorization, where the range became both simpler and modern to meet the expectations of today’s consumers. Two variants of internal combustion are featured with 140 and 153 horsepower (hp) respectively, but a version of electric motor whose power supply does not come from a battery but from a second gasoline engine that generates electricity to become an interesting variation of hybrid vehicle.

This form of dual motor is not the most common, since in general both are complemented to generate a combined thrust that gives power to the motor, being the electric motor in those cases powered from a battery.

All these systems are grouped under the category ECO and they have in common a gearbox with 6 gears, manual style but in the case of the 153 hp engine an automatic can be adjusted Xtronic.

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The Nissan Qashqai does not limit its modifications to these striking mechanical changes, including improvements also in equipment and driving, general quality of its construction and the exterior appearance has not been left behind in its redesign.

In this matter the body adopts airs with clear inspiration taken from the Nissan electric SUV Ariya, but with a logical reduction in its dimensions to adapt to this model.

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Its headlights have an angular shape that are placed at the ends of a grill V-Motion well defined with vertical details in the lines of the fascia.

The opposite occurs in the later portion, where the inheritance of their Qashqai lineage is maintained more conservatively.

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