Those who heard flocked! 5,000 TL cash payment will be given to the applicant from the PTT toll booths! Applications broke the record, it’s time!

The forthcoming announcement, like medicine for the Millions in urgent need of cash, was personally burned by the minister. You can get 5000 TL cash payment by applying from PTT toll booths whenever you want. Payments are made according to the application and there is an application period. It was learned that the applications broke a record as the citizens flocked to the PTT branches as soon as they heard the news. There is no limit. Everyone can receive a cash payment of 5000 TL from the PTT by applying. Detailed information is in the continuation of our news…

PTT makes a cash payment of 5000 TL to the citizens who apply. Citizens who heard the news began to investigate the application conditions for payment of 5000 TL. With a new announcement made by the PTT this morning, the conditions became clear. The campaign, which will be like medicine to millions of citizens in need and looking for urgent cash, is carried out in cooperation with Aktif Bank and PTT. Offered with maturity options of up to 36 months, the 5000 TL loan also offers the opportunity to postpone the payment for 3 months. What are the PTT 5000 TL cash payment terms and conditions? Who can get 5000 TL cash from PTT?


Good news for citizens in need of urgent cash and looking for a low-limit loan was given in cooperation with the PTT and Aktif Bank. Continuing to come to the fore with credit campaigns and social support payments in recent years, PTT provides a 36-month loan up to 5000 TL to citizens in need of cash, with the agreement it has made. It is possible to apply for a loan immediately from PTT counters or Aktif Bank branches. The loan, which is given even to those with low credit ratings, is offered with a 3-month grace period. At the same time, those with a high credit rating can use a loan with a higher limit, not 5000 TL.

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The details of the 5000 TL loan application provided in cooperation with PTT Aktif Bank are being curiously investigated by the citizens. Citizens who want to apply for a loan can apply through the branch, as well as a loan application via SMS. All you have to do is write Credit in the text message section of your mobile phone, leave a space, and then write your TR ID number and send a short message to 3050. PTT and Aktif Bank loan opportunity are approved in a short time. Moreover, our credit rating is not checked. In other words, everyone who is working and not working can take advantage of this loan opportunity. No guarantor or proof of income is required.

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Payments of citizens who apply for a PTT loan of 5000 TL are also made from the toll booths at the PTT branches. If your loan is approved, you can go to the PTT counters on the same day and collect your money immediately with your ID. Likewise, it is possible to use your credit through Aktif Bank branches and ATMs.

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