Those who staged a crowd on a schoolboy in Primorye filed complaints with the police


VLADIVOSTOK, 21 February – RIA News. Controversies about beatings to the children of a pupil, whose parents of students, according to preliminary data, were immersed in the toilet, were sent to the police in the Great Stone of Primorsky Krai.

The local news agency "Data" reported Wednesday that one of the students abused children, and their parents took the student to the men's bath on February 20, where they immersed their heads in the bathroom. The administration of the region reported that the Primorye Department of Education and Science has taken control of the situation, being controlled. In the municipality of Bolshoy Kamen made it clear that the head of the city's education department went to this school, clarifying the situation on the spot. RIA Novosti reported to the Territorial Prosecutor's office that there was a check on the fact that the fifth grade was injured. The investigators opened a case about beating the boy. A local deputy said that the incident is the result of a series of conflicts with this student.

"Police are conducting an investigation into the incident at a school in Bolshoy Kamen, the city's internal affairs department has received a report that one of the parents injured a 12-year-old student," he told a RIA Novosti, a spokesman for the Primorsky Ministry of the Interior. board,

According to him, a medical examination is being conducted to establish the severity of the boy's health damage.

"Previously, there was a conflict between classmates: the legal representatives of fifth grade children turned to the police with counterclaims on causing physical harm: child inspectors questioned eyewitnesses and school staff, led preventive conversations with students and legal representatives ". dell & # 39; interlocutor.

Based on the results, procedural decisions will be made.



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