Thousands of Britons demonstrate in London against Brexit: "We will return to the European Union!"

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Under the slogans of “We will be back” y “Give us back our star!”thousands of Britons crossed central London this Saturday with EU flags in the so-called Rejoin Marchwhich started timidly in Hyde Park and ended up becoming one of the biggest anti-Brexit demonstrations of the last three years, with a sea of ​​blue flags along Piccadilly.

The march was, however, marked by absence of political leadersin the midst of the debate provoked by the Labor Party Keir Starmer, which has promised to “rewrite” the Brexit agreement if it reaches Downing Street but has expressly renounced returning to the European Union. 58% of British people are currently in favor of re-entry compared to 32% who are in favor of remaining outside the EU, according to the average of the polls extracted by the portal What UK thinks.

The activist Gina Miller (who once took Brexit to court) and the MEP and former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt were the most recognizable faces next to the banner that opened the march in London. Next to them was Steve Braywho has been tirelessly demonstrating in front of Parliament for five years despite harassment from the police.

“No one wants to recognize the disaster that has been Brexit, neither the Government nor the Labor opposition,” denounced Bray. “Much of the country remains in a state of denial and does not want to accept the truth. They keep making fun of us, they call us remoaners (those who keep complaining). But it is very important to keep the message and hope alive.”

The version of Yellow Submarine from The Beatles (We all live in a Brexit Tragedy) put the musical background in motion, in competition with the Hey Jude/Hey EU and with Beethoven’s ode to joy.

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