Thousands of extras needed for filming 2 movies in Cleveland this fall


CLEVELAND – Two films coming to Cleveland and the directors are looking for thousands of paid extras.

The first film, entitled "Cherry", is based on a true story of a former army doctor who struggles with opiate addiction after serving in Iraq, and his next time spent as a bank robber for supporting his drug addiction.

Directed by the Russo brothers, it is played by Bill Skarsgård of the films "IT" and Tom Holland of the fame of "Spider-Man". Filming will start from October 14th to December 10th.

The second film, currently known as "Untitled Fred Hamilton Project", is based on real events about Fred Hampton, the outspoken Chicago Black Panther Party leader and his Rainbow Coalition training at the end of the 60s. of unlikely groups coming together as allies to fight for a common goal of fighting racism and police brutality: produced by Warner Bros., the move will be filmed in Cleveland from 21 October to 18 December.

Extras could earn you $ 9 to $ 13 an hour, depending on your location. The extras are guaranteed eight hours of pay on all the days they are on the set. If selected for the film, extras should be available for the whole day.

To apply, all proposals must include a current photo with good lighting, a clear photo and a front photo. All photos should be without hats, sunglasses or other people in the picture.

If interested, click


and click "register" at the top of the page. Follow the steps to be included in a free database to receive e-mails of all casting notifications. Candidates can also visit the

Angela Boehm Casting Facebook page

, in which casting notices are also published with instructions on how to send.


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