Thousands of people protest against abortion in Argentina

Dubai – By محمد فارس © Available from AFP Image published by the Argentine national news agency (TILAM) for anti-abortion protesters in Buenos Aires on March 23, 2019

Thousands of people demonstrated Saturday in Buenos Aires under the slogan "Walk for Life" that wore blue scarves in response to the renewed mobilization of the pro-abortion movement and its green flags.

The demonstrators supported by the church raised a large Argentine flag and hundreds of flags with slogans such as "We don't kill the future", as well as a huge doll that represents our fetus.

Similar meetings were organized in about 60 other cities in the country.

The population is divided around the illegal abortion in Argentina unless there is a threat to the life of the mother or rape under a law dating back to 1921. The Catholic Church has great influence in the country.


Last year, legislators approved the abortion law, but the Senate withdrew.

Since then, abortion advocates have organized campaigns and demonstrations with green banners and put pressure on presidential candidates on 27 October to publicly reveal their position.

About 450,000 secret abortions are recorded each year in Argentina, according to a report by the Population Studies Center, a private body.


Fatima Nasr

Fatima Nasr

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