Thousands of people protested in Italy, France and the Netherlands. They do not like the requirement for covid passports – ČT24 – Czech Television

In France, almost two hundred demonstrations were announced on Saturday and tens of thousands were expected to attend, the daily Le Parisien wrote. Several thousand protesters gathered in Paris and also in Nice, where police subsequently used tear gas to disperse the crowd at the residence of local mayor Christian Estrosi. Smaller events took place, for example, in Bordeaux, Rennes or Reims.

Regular Saturday mobilizations continued, triggered by President Emmanuel Macron’s July statement on requiring “medical passports” in various public places, including cafes, restaurants and hospitals. Checks of confirmation of vaccination, covid-19 or negative test then became a reality on the ninth of August. Another reason for the current protests is the mandatory vaccination among health professionals.

Italians without a passport also without a job?

In Italy, Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s cabinet wants to push for a valid certificate of infectivity from all public and private sector workers from mid-October. In a recent decree, the government ordered that without a covid passport, no employee would be allowed to work from October 15. If he does not submit a certificate, the employer may expel him from the workplace and suspend his salary.

At a related protest in the center of Trieste, people carried banners reading “No green passports, no apartheid” and many likened the government decree to “hidden fascism,” the APA news agency reported. Similar demonstrations are to take place in other Italian cities, including Rome.

Vaccination, recovery or test certificates are also needed more from Saturday in the Netherlands, where no one can visit a restaurant or music festival without them. Most people support the regulation because covid passports were a condition for lifting most restrictions, while the hospitality sector criticizes it. According to them, it will be difficult to enforce the rules, and they will also damage entrepreneurs who are having a hard time recovering from the effects of a pandemic.

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