thousands of protesters in Rome against the anti-migrant decree


The Italian Senate voted on Wednesday the confidence in the government on this decree, which reorganizes the reception system for asylum seekers and the duration of residence permits.

Thousands of people protested in the center of Rome on Saturday 10 November, protesting against the security decree "Anti-migrant"defended by the Minister of the Interior and leader of the Lega (extreme right), Matteo Salvini. Coming from about fifty cities throughout Italy, these protesters, activists of the radical left or the association community marched under the sun to say "No to Salvini and racism"According to one of his protesters, Sergio Serraino, a member of the Emergency Association, helps migrants.

"Fight fascism", "Black lives count", "Welcome to all, open the borders"… many banners defended the rights of migrants who had come en masse to this great gathering. According to Mr Serraino, they could have been more numerous, but the police were prevented at least five buses from continuing the journey.

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"Black lives count", a protest cry of anti-racist youth

Reduction of the duration of residence permits

The Italian Senate voted on Wednesday the confidence in the government on this very controversial decree-law, first step before the final vote in the Chamber of Deputies, scheduled for late November. The text replaces, in particular, humanitarian residence permits, currently granted to 25% of asylum seekers and for a period of two years, with various other permits, such as "Special protection", lasting one year, or "Natural disaster in the country of origin", for a period of six months, among others.

It provides for an emergency procedure to expel any "Dangerous". It is also reorganizing the reception system for asylum seekers, who were still 146,000 at the end of October and will be grouped into large centers through savings measures. In the safety component, the text generalizes the use of electric impulse guns and facilitates the evacuation of occupied buildings.

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"Matteo Salvini thinks he can do anything and everything in the name of the people"


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