Thousands of volunteers help clean Israel’s polluted beaches

It’s not just a matter of cleaning the beaches, says professor of biological oceanography Ilana Berman-Frank. “Accidents of this kind affect the entire food chain, on the beach and in the sea. Tar and oil block the supply of light and oxygen, which can cause animals and plants to die. The effects can last for years.”

Living tissue

Cleaning the beach is also not that easy, says director Arik Rosenblum of nature organization Ecoocean, who has been busy with thousands of volunteers in recent days. “It is difficult to remove the tar without damaging nature,” he says. “You quickly pull living tissue with you because it is so sticky.”

In addition to nature conservationists, the government has now also deployed soldiers to help clean up. But according to the environmental movement, government aid is starting too slowly and is not enough.

Duty of confidentiality

The investigation into the cause of the oil spill is also ongoing. Presumably a tanker spilled the fuel a few weeks ago. It is still unclear which ship that was. The Ministry of the Environment said it had about ten suspicious ships in its sights.

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