Thousands receive € 100 in COVID-19 vaccination: next year money will be paid

Or seniors, aged 75 and over, who have been in employment since 1 September this year. until November 30. vaccinated under the full vaccination schedule or by 30 November. received a booster dose of the vaccine.

Vaccination benefits will be delivered in the same way as pensions or other Sodra benefits. Depending on the payment method you choose, they will be payable from December 7th. until 23 d.

“The pandemic requires rapid new solutions, rapid action and close cooperation between the various institutions. During the first quarantine, it was very difficult to carry out the tasks of paying new types of benefits to various groups of people quickly and smoothly. The experience gained by the organization at that time, the development of new benefit and payment systems, and the development of effective inter-agency cooperation have provided a good basis for the subsequent stages of pandemic management.

I am glad that Sodra, in cooperation with the Center of Registers and the Lithuanian Post, will pay the majority of vaccinated seniors 100 euros for the vaccination before Christmas, ”says the director of Sodra Julita Varanauskiene.

All information in the eHealth system

Seniors receiving the benefit did not experience any additional worries about submitting applications or data – they only needed to be vaccinated under the full vaccination schedule. The lists of vaccinated recipients were handed over to Sodra Center of Registers.

“In recent years, a number of projects of national significance have been implemented, using the e-health system and the data collected in it. The additional exploitation of the eHealth system demonstrates its importance and potential, while at the same time requiring special attention to be paid to the maintenance of the system. The Center of Registers is always ready to actively contribute to the initiatives aimed at effective pandemic management with its competence and available resources, ”emphasizes Saulius Urbanavičius, General Director of the Center of Registers.

Benefits are already reaching recipients

Lump sum payments start on Tuesday. Residents who receive pensions in the accounts will receive 100 euros in vaccination benefits by bank transfer on December 7-8. There will be about 64 thousand such recipients.

For all seniors who receive pensions at home, the Lithuanian Post will deliver one-time benefits for home vaccination on December 10-23. Benefits will be delivered to over 27,000 recipients.

Those seniors to whom pensions are usually delivered by Lietuvos paštas will receive vaccination benefits together with pensions. For those to whom pensions are brought home by other companies, one-time benefits of 100 euros will be delivered separately by the employees of the Lithuanian Post.

Another 2,000 residents who withdraw their pensions at Lithuanian post offices will be able to withdraw the 100 euro benefit together with the pension.

“During the pandemic, the focus of all of us is very important – society, medicine, business. As a company with the opportunity to reach thousands of Lithuanians every day, we have contributed to a number of important initiatives – we have informed the public about the importance of vaccination, and implemented a pilot project where residents could get vaccinated at the post office. We are happy to introduce benefits for vaccines for seniors, ”says Jonas Sadauskas, Director of the Lithuanian Postal Network.

The lump sum will continue to be paid next year

Next year, a one-off payment of € 100 will be available to those aged 75 and over who have already been vaccinated by 2022. March 31 will receive a booster dose of the vaccine. The lump sum will be paid to seniors in the month following the full vaccination by bank transfer or by 2022 at the latest. April 30 home delivery and collection at Lithuanian post offices.

A lump sum of € 100 will have no effect on the compensation of individuals for heating or other benefits. This money will not be included in personal or family income.

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