Threads, Meta’s new Twitter, already scares Elon Musk: 30 million users on its first day

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Threadsthe new social network launched this Thursday by Meta to compete with the Twitter of Elon Muskhas managed to add 30 million users in its first hours of life, despite not yet being available in Europe due to doubts about whether it could comply with the data protection standards established by the new regulations on the digital world promoted by the European Comission.

The new social network, which can be accessed with the Instagram account, looks very similar to Twitter and allows you to post messages from up to 500 characterswith links, images and videos up to five minutes long.

The launch comes shortly after Musk imposed limits on the number of messages Twitter users could see, crashing the platform in the process. The lack of control reached the point that it is uncertain if the limits even continue to exist.

Among other measures by Musk and the new CEO, Linda Yaccarinoyou can also find the popular paid tool Tweetdeck, used by companies and professionals around the world. Contrary to what has been customary, the owner of Tesla has been strangely absent from the social network in recent days, in which he has barely made reference to the day of the independence of the United States and his “deep love for fashion and architecture “.

YaccarinoFor her part, she has been more emphatic and has defended that the social network will be irreplaceable: “On Twitter, YOU can be real. YOU built the Twitter community. And that is irreplaceable. This is your public square. They imitate us often, but the Twitter community can never be duplicated”, he published a few hours ago coinciding with the launch of the rival network

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