Threat of attack on Macron: four supporters of the ultra-right under investigation


Paris – They talked about a plan to attack President Macron in the background of his November 11th commemoration tour: four extremist right-wingers arrested on Tuesday in the Moselle were indicted on Saturday by an anti-terrorist judge.

Emmanuel Macron ends this weekend in Paris a week of travel in memory on the heights of the First World War in France. Under high security, the Centenary of End of War ceremonies are held in the presence of around 70 heads of state and government.

Feeling in custody since Tuesday, the four ultrafroite sympathizers, aged 22 to 62, were presented to a magistrate in Paris and indicted for "criminal criminal criminal association"and unauthorized possession of weapons in connection with a terrorist enterprise.

Two of them, including the main suspect, were deferred to pre-trial detention. The other two were provisionally imprisoned pending the delayed debate on their detention, which they requested.

They were among the six targeted on Tuesday by counter-terrorism repression by the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI). During the operation, the investigators got their hands on firearms.

Two of the suspects saw their custody revoked Thursday and Friday.

All are described as "sympathizers of ultradroite""the tendency to survival", followed by intelligence services, according to a source close to the file.

In telephone exchanges, members of this small group had mentioned projects, including plans to attack the president, according to this source. A project ofviolent action""inaccurate and ill-defined at this stage", said a source close to the investigation on Tuesday.

"The attack project does not seem successful", has explained,"but we still find the commemorations of November 11th in the background".

The threats were considered serious enough to trigger the opening on October 31 of a preliminary investigation by the attorney, which led to the operation on Tuesday.

– "No terrorist"-

Investigators accelerated arrest by hearing that one of the men, Jean-Pierre Bouyer, resident near Grenoble, had moved "at EastFrance, while Emmanuel Macron was there for the commemoration, according to the source close to the dossier. When he was arrested in the Moselle, he was in possession of a dagger.

Presented as the main suspect, this 62-year-old retired animated for Isère the Facebook page of "Barjols"a group"patriotic"created after the election of Macron in June 2017 denouncing"European directives""massive immigration"IS"the rise of Islam", according to its president-founder Denis Collinet, contacted by the AFP.

His motto: "Here ACTION is the SOLUTION", can be read on the national Facebook page of the group supporting 4,770 subscribers.

His manager says he has "assisted"spontaneously with the police to refute the character"violent"of the group and its membership in ultradroite.

"We are not terrorists (…) We are a group of mostly apolitical people, most of a certain age who have lived their lives. Certainly there is hatred, but not until violence", he said at the AFP on Saturday.

"I can not think that he (Jean-Pierre Bouyer) could have imagined it", argues on his"friend"and ex-"right arm"Who left the group three months ago.

The two men had once been another group, the FFU (French Unified Forces), closed a year ago, according to this ex- "activist"National meeting".He knows it's impossible to get close to Macron", adds Mr. Collinet, who describes the president as"puppet of the oligarchs".

"I'm pretty sure he fell into a trap to destroy the patriotic movement"What is he doing in the Moselle?" Jean-Pierre Bouyer has a family there, says his friend.

The two men would join together on November 17, the day when he was asked to block the roads against the rise of fuels, Denis Collinet went extensively.

Among the suspects, he mentioned the presence of two men aged 22 and 30 who had already rubbed their shoulders as part of the Barjols activities.

Since 2017, counter-terrorism services have already conducted at least two other operations in the ultra-squeeze movement, whose renaissance is taken seriously by the authorities even if its capabilities are considered "limited", according to a note from the DGSI.


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