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Night to Saturday, the border to several Swedish regions will reopen.

At today’s press conference, Minister of Justice Monica Mæland said that they encourage Norwegians to drop Swedish trade this weekend.

– To those of you who are thinking of crossing the border to shop. It is thus the case that we still recommend avoiding travel abroad that is not strictly necessary. This also applies to travel across the border to shop, says Minister of Justice Monica Mæland.

And health workers in Sør-Odal municipality in the Inland, probably also think carefully before they take a trip across the border.

A trip to Sweden gives the quarantine without pay

In May, Sør-Odal was one of the hardest hit municipalities in the country. The municipality with around 8000 inhabitants then had 3.8 registered infected per 1000 inhabitants.

On Thursday, the municipality sent out a message to its employees, in which they make it clear that you must complete a covid-19 test before you can work. The employees also do not receive a salary on the days they wait for the test answer.

Here is the message that the employees received. It can not be misunderstood:



Sør-Odal municipality:

Had a major outbreak this spring

Municipal director Frank Hauge says that they primarily do it to avoid a similar situation as they had this spring.

– None of us want us back to a similar situation, Hauge tells NRK.

BEFORE WAS: Municipal director in Sør-Odal, Frank Hauge, explains the measure by saying that they want to avoid a situation they had this spring.

Photo: Ann-Kristin Mo / NRK

The municipal director says they can not afford for many employees to be out of quarantine until it goes beyond the services in the municipality.

– The infection situation we experienced this spring showed us that we will not have many employees in quarantine until there is a shortage of labor and we get challenges in delivering the services we are supposed to. Therefore, we have chosen to signal that it will have a consequence if you still choose to travel to Sweden to, for example, shop, he says.

He believes that strict measures are absolutely necessary to ensure that the services in the health service in the municipality are not weakened.

– We have then signaled that the consequences of traveling are that you have to be quarantined without pay for those days while waiting for the test result.

Believes the municipality does not break regulations

The union informs NRK that they have no problems with the municipality implementing deductions from salary if an employee travels to Sweden. But the measure must have been discussed with local shop stewards first.

– I think this is mostly about the municipality taking the necessary steps to reduce the risk of infection. As I understand it, the municipality has taken care of the information obligation towards the employees by sending the SMS, says Martine Maarud Eriksen, chief shop steward in the Trade Union in Sør-Odal.

Nor will the Ministry of Health and Care Services interfere in how the municipality practices this.

In an e-mail to NRK, the ministry writes: “This is a relationship between the individual employer and employee that the Ministry of Health and Care Services cannot enter into. The ministry encourages everyone to follow the general travel advice and avoid travel that is not strictly necessary.”

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