Threatening impeachment: another foreign call that overcomes Trump in trouble

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Another foreign call that beats Trump

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Donald Trump is in the rain and tweets

During a ceremony for the new chief of staff of the armed forces, the president of the United States was rather wet. An iconic image. Trump has not given up for a long time, reports Washington's Steffen Schwarzkopf.

Trump is under pressure because of revelations about the telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president. A further request for support from the President of the United States is now announced, this time with the Australian Prime Minister.

UPresident S Donald Trump asked Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison about the investigation into Russian special investigator Robert Mueller. An Australian government spokesman confirmed a corresponding telephone call between the two politicians on Tuesday. Morrison is committed to helping with investigations and collaborating.

Previously, the New York Times (NYT) reported the call. Trump Morrison then asked US attorney general Bill Barr to help investigate the Mueller report. According to "NYT" Trump hopes for information that undermines the credibility of the Mueller survey. The copy of the call was then held in the same way under cover by the White House, as in Trump's phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj.

Donald Trump with Scott Morrison on September 22, visiting Ohio

Donald Trump with Scott Morrison on September 22, visiting Ohio

Source: AP / Evan Vucci

Although Mueller had found in his nearly two-year investigation into the Russian deal, there was no sufficient evidence of illegal collusion between Trump's electoral team with Russia. Not expressly relieved Trump of suspicion of punishable judicial incapacity. Furthermore, the special investigator stated that the Russian state "systematically" interfered in the 2016 US presidential election.

Trump subsequently asked for an inquiry into the background of the Mueller investigation. The Justice Department ordered prosecutor John Durham to do so. Australia plays an important role: the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had begun its investigation into the Russian electoral intervention following a reference by an Australian diplomat in the United Kingdom.

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Donald Trump

The Washington Post reported Monday that Barr had met several foreign intelligence officials to obtain information that could discredit the Mueller investigation. It was accompanied in part by Durham. According to the Washington Post, this raises the question of Barr's abuse of his position to provide political support for the Trump issue.

A Justice Department spokesman said that Durham is gathering information from various sources, including other states. Trump had contacted other countries at Barr's request to contact Barr and contact Durham with contacts.

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US President Donald Trump (right) with Ukrainian President Volodimir Selensky

Trump was under pressure due to revelations about the phone call with Selenskyj. The president of the United States is suspected of abuse of office because he had requested telephone inquiries against the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

An anonymous secret service employee filed an internal complaint. The Democrats have launched an official investigation into the president's possible impeachment.

The Congress requires documents from Trump Giuliani's lawyer

Three committees of the House of Representatives of the United States have asked Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney to US President Donald Trump, as part of their investigation into the Ukrainian document publishing business. Giuliani should deliver to Parliament his previous communication on the issue and any documents that may be relevant in mid-October, as was said on Monday in a letter from the three investigative commissions.

He was about to examine the credible allegations that Giuliani should have helped the President abuse his office. The request for Giuliani's documents is part of the preparations for Trump's impeachment process.

Giuliani is said to have led Trump's personal correspondent to the official channels that had been negotiated with the Ukraine to launch an investigation against Biden. Trump and Giuliani accuse the former US Vice President Biden of trying to fire the Ukrainian attorney general to protect his son from the judiciary. Hunter Biden worked for a gas company, which has since been investigated for alleged crooked business. Biden rejects the charges against him.

Government circles: Pompey stopped at Trump's call to Ukraine

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo apparently knew first-hand about the controversial phone conversation between Trump and Selenskyj. The diplomatic chief heard the conversation, two government officials said, who wanted to remain anonymous. The Foreign Ministry declined to comment on this.

This is the first confirmation of the government that a member of the Cabinet witnessed Trump's call, which is at the center of the informants' affair. This would also expand the circle of people who seem to know first-hand the conversation with the Ukrainian head of state.

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