Threats of attacks against Macron: four right-wing sympathizers subjected to justice


The four right-wing supporters who had raised a plan to attack President Macron during the November 11 commemoration will be brought to justice on the day of their indictment, we learned Saturday from the judicial source.

These four men arrested Tuesday in Mosel by the anti-terrorist services, will be presented to the investigating judges in connection with the opening by the prosecutor's office in Paris of a criminal investigation, for "criminal terrorism conspiracy criminal" "and offenses against arms legislation in relation to a terrorist enterprise.

The prosecutor's office has requested prior detention.

In total, six suspects aged 22 to 62, including a former soldier, were arrested by ISB during this ultra-via crackdown, the third in eighteen months.

Two of them, a man arrested in Ille-et-Vilaine and a 61-year-old woman arrested in a small village in Isère, saw their custody set up on Thursday and Friday.

These "ultra-fair sympathizers", "with a survivalist tendency", were followed by intelligence services, according to a source close to the file.

Firearms were found in the homes of suspects.

In telephone exchanges, members of this small group had mentioned projects, including that of attacking the President of the Republic, according to this source.

"The project of attack does not seem successful, but we still find the background of the commemoration of November 11," said a source close to the investigations at the AFP. The prosecutor has opened a preliminary investigation already on October 31st.

It is because one of them, Jean-Pierre B., based in Isère (south-east), moved "to the east" of France, while Emmanuel Macron was there for the commemoration, the services of the Directorate General of Security intervened internal (DGSI), according to the source close to the file.

Arrested in Moselle, Jean-Pierre B. was in particular in possession of a dagger.


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