three Albanians arrested. All irregular, one “expelled” – Libero Quotidiano

Three arrests for the death of Roberto Mottura, the 50-year-old who in the night between 8 and 9 June of this year had surprised the thieves in his house in Piossasco. Hit in the femoral artery, the architect had lost his life before the eyes of his wife and son. The arrested, it is learned, would be three Albanian men. And again, we learn, the evidence collected by the investigators would confirm that it was a robbery that ended badly: after the arrest, now, we wait the validation of the investigating judge, wait in the next few hours. The three Albanians, filtering from investigative circles, would all be irregular and one affected by an expulsion decree. One case, yet another, which is embarrassing Luciana Lamorgese, owner of the Interior Ministry: violent crimes, murders, signed by bandits who technically could no longer stay in Italy. The operation was conducted by the Carabinieri company command of Moncalieri and by the carabinieri of Turin.

Immediately after the catch, the words of Enrico Mottura, Roberto’s brother: “Now the carabinieri have called me: they have taken them. My brother’s killers have been arrested and now I hope they rot in jail“. And again:” I really hope that this story has come to a turning point. I hope so for my brother’s family, for my parents, for all of us. These months have been terrifying, “he added The print. And again: “They are thieves. A band of thieves that went around armed. But think about it: for a theft they kill a person to take away four objects. This is all crazy, “he insists.

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When asked if he is happy, Enrico Mottura replies: “Yes, of course. Even if, at the end of everything, this is a thin one, very meager satisfaction. Because my brother is gone, and there is a family destroyed by all this pain. At least those people are no longer around doing any more damage. Now they are locked up in a cell and will stay there, I hope. “But it will take some time to turn the page:” The road is still very long. And then we will have to support my father and my mother: they have lost a son. They are elderly, it was a very heavy blow for everyone, of course, but for them in particular “, he concludes.


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