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Miami, Jan 13 (EFE News) .- Almost three million Americans and legal immigrants with an undocumented immigrant spouse or parent are eligible for the new fiscal stimulus package approved last December by Congress to deal with the economic havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This was estimated on Wednesday by researchers from the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), who put the beneficiaries of aid of up to $ 600 under the new legislation at 2.9 million and retroactive payments of the previous package of measures (the CARES Act) of up to 1,200 dollars per person.

Of those 2.9 million people, 1.5 million are US citizen or legal immigrant children living with unauthorized immigrant parents and 1.4 million are citizen spouses or legal immigrants of unauthorized immigrants, they point out.

Legislation passed by Congress in December rectified the previous CARES Act, which prevented U.S. citizens and legal immigrants in mixed-status families from being eligible for payments to cope with COVID-19.

Despite this, they warn, some populations remain uncovered, including 2.2 million US citizen and legal immigrant children whose parents are undocumented.

“Recent expansions of aid to US citizens and legal immigrants in mixed-status families enjoyed bipartisan support,” noted researchers Julia Gelatt, Randy Capps and Michael Fix.

The experts indicated that, although these contributions will hardly increase budget items, they will generate “significant benefits for millions of US citizen children.”

Congress approved a new $ 900 billion economic stimulus plan aimed at alleviating the deterioration of the economy due to the pandemic and which includes additional unemployment benefits and direct payments of $ 600 to all Americans with an annual income of less than 75,000 Dollars.

This plan, although much less ambitious than the one approved in March, valued at 2.2 trillion dollars and which was the largest in the country’s history, does allow millions of immigrants and direct relatives of undocumented immigrants to receive financial aid.

MPI estimated that 5.1 million US citizens and legal immigrants were left out of the spring plan, all because they were the children or spouses of unauthorized immigrants.

And then and now the 9.3 million unauthorized immigrants whose income is “low enough to meet the eligibility thresholds” will remain excluded.

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