Three months after the floods, André is still awaiting compensation: “I can’t do anything for my family,” says the victim in tears.

Three months have passed since the terrible floods. And in three months, the majority of the victims have not been able to make much progress in the repairs. They are far from having received all the compensation they should from insurance. A situation that they obviously denounce. Report from areas that have been flooded.

It is an image that has become habitual in Trooz. On the outside, the houses do not appear to be in too bad condition, but inside, there is nothing left. André and Evelyne thought they were well insured. The couple feel abandoned today. “I have always done everything to ensure that my family is well and there is nothing I can do “, confides the man, with tears in his eyes. “I put myself in difficult financial situations all because, when you talk to these experts, I hardly had a say “, regrets the disaster.

To get things done, André and Evelyne hired a lawyer. His intervention may have accelerated the payment of a first compensation. An amount of 35,000 euros that they received yesterday for the contents of the house. “This gives us oxygen but we do not know how to go further like that because the estimates for the work go up to around 220,000 “, André blows. A contractor is ready to start the work. But without insurance agreement, it is impossible to start anything.

We can’t understand why they don’t put more people in the management of files

In a hardware store in Chênée (Liège), the re-ordering work is also very slow. The insurance file is full of quotes and financial advances arrive in a trickle. “We cannot understand why they do not put more people in the management of files and that we have a little more support present than simply them who are in their ivory tower and who do not live the situation like us. we live it every day “, considers Jacques Gillon, hardware store.

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Three months after the floods, new damage is still appearing. This should lengthen the processing of the file. “What still remains in our throats anyway, is the first reflection of the broker who told us that the loss of income insurance, to which we took out many years ago and that we pay regularly, does not intervene in the event of natural disasters. What then is its function “, asks the trader.

Compensation proposal too low, meeting with experts who arrive too late, difficulty in contacting your insurer. In disaster areas, these kinds of complaints are the norm.


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