three new cases and one exposure notice in Miramichi

Public Health reported three new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday.

There are two cases in Zone 3 (Fredericton area) and one case in Zone 7 (Miramichi area).

There are 1,438 confirmed cases in New Brunswick. Since Tuesday, two people have recovered, for a total of 1,372 recoveries. There have been 28 deaths, and there are 37 active cases. Three people are hospitalized, and two of them are in the intensive care unit. As of Tuesday, 753 screening tests have been performed, for a total of 230,540 tests so far.

Miramichi Exhibition Notice

Public Health has identified possible sources of exposure in Miramichi. People who tested positive had visited these establishments, but they do not know the exact time at which they were present in these companies. However, it is estimated that they were there for a short time on the following dates:

  • Sobeys, February 15, February 19, February 24 and February 25 (273 Pleasant Street)
  • Atlantic Superstore, February 15, February 23 and February 28 (408 King George Road)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart, February 15, February 17 and February 26 (397 King George Road)
  • Dollarama, February 20 (100, boulevard Douglastown)
  • Winners, February 22 and February 24 (2441 King George Road)
  • Giant Tiger, February 24 (2441 King George Road)
  • Walmart, February 24 (200, boulevard Douglastown)
  • Bulk Barn, February 27 (100-99, boulevard Douglastown)
  • NB Liquor, February 27 (221 Pleasant Street).

COVID-19 testing in zone 7

Due to the appearance of a few cases in Zone 7 (Miramichi area) this week and the likelihood of a variant being present, a mass testing clinic has been established to help determine if the virus has spread. spread further in the region. This clinic is reserved for people who do not show symptoms of COVID-19 but would like to be tested.

These screening tests will be offered for two days

Thursday, March 4, 11 am to 7 pm, at the gymnasium of Dr. Losier Middle School, located at 124 Henderson Street, Miramichi; and Friday March 5, 11 am-7pm, at the Dr. Losier Middle School gymnasium, located at 124 Henderson Street, Miramichi.

It is not necessary to make an appointment. Screening tests will be carried out on a first come, first served basis. People who do not have symptoms do not need to self-isolate while waiting to receive the test result, unless advised otherwise by Public Health.

People with symptoms are advised to request a test through the website or by calling 811 to make an appointment at the nearest testing center.

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