Three police officers were arrested: Charges for bribery and the Arms Control Law

Three police officers were arrested in the last hours and will go tomorrow, Wednesday, to a detention control and formalization hearing in the Sixth Guarantee Court of Santiago.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, two of the detainees are active civil servants and the third is retired. At the same time, two will face charges for violating the Arms Control Law and the other will do so for bribery.

Regarding this case, a raid -with the support of GOPE personnel- in the Magallanes Condominium in the Maipú commune, where one of those implicated resides, and ammunition and a tear gas canister were found.


Carabineros referred to the matter through a statement: “Following a judicial investigation carried out by personnel of the Department of Internal Affairs of the institution and the North Central Prosecutor’s Officea police intervention was carried out in the homes of officials (…) who would have participated in acts that have the nature of a crime”.

“At the same time, Carabineros began the administrative processes to separate those involved from the institution. As has been our institutional policy, We will not accept conduct that is at odds with the codes of ethics and doctrine that govern us.“concludes the note.

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