Three species hybrid discovered


Researchers have discovered an unusual type of bird in Pennsylvania. The bird is the progeny of a hybrid mother of warriors and a silvia father of a completely different genre. The combination produced a three-species hybrid bird, something that has never been recorded before.

"It's extremely rare," said lead author David Toews of Cornell University. "The female is a hybrid of the winged Warblers of gold / blue wings – also called Brewster Warbler, so she paired with a chestnut silvia and reproduced successfully."

A hybrid species is formed when two separate species cross each other to produce a hybrid population. While hybridization is common among warblers with golden wings and blue wings, a cross between these species and the Castanoid Warblers is extremely rare. In reality, it's something we never really know.

In May 2018, a Pennsylvania birdwatching observer noticed a strangeness in the only hybrid bird. He found a male bird that sang like a chestnut Luì. Surprisingly, it also had some of the physical characteristics of the Warblers with blue wings and golden wings. The bird was so different that he knew immediately that it did not belong to any known species. Lowell Burket contacted the Cornell researchers to confirm his impression.

"I tried to make the e-mails a bit intellectual, so they did not think I was a crap," Burket said. "I had helped the photos and the video." Within a week, researcher David Toews fell, we found the bird again and collected a sample of blood and measurements, it was a very interesting and exciting day. from Dave who said 'You were right !!! & # 39; "

The genetic analysis revealed that the breeding of two distinct parent species has given birth to this lineage of a completely new hybrid triple warbler.

"We looked at the genes that code for the different warbler colors," Toews said. "In this way we were able to recreate what the hybrid mother would look like: the avian equivalent of a detective's facial composite, but generated by genes, we confirmed that the mother would look like a Brewster Warbler and the father was a brown Warbler. "

This type of unique hybridization is probably caused by a decrease in the torpedo population. For example, the gold-winged Silvia is hunted excessively. The species has been proposed for listing according to the law on endangered species. Because of their decline, these birds have limited options to choose from.

"The fact that this hybridization has occurred within a population of golden-winged Warblers in a significant decline suggests that women could make the best of a bad situation," Toews said. "He also tells us that woodworms in general have remained genetically compatible long after they have developed important differences in appearance."



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