Three victims in the collapse of a residential building in Havana

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A third person died from collapse of a building in the historic center of Havana She was found this Wednesday by rescue and rescue brigades under the rubble of the residential building, official media reported.

“They extract the lifeless body of a person from under the rubble. It is presumed to be Ramón Páez Frómeta, who was in the place at the time of the incident and was reported missing,” reported the official Cubadebate website.

The Cuban authorities confirmed hours before the death of two rescuers who went to the scene of the accident in search of people who had been trapped after the collapse of the building in which 54 members of 13 families resided.

The event, recorded late Tuesday night, also left two injured – a 97-year-old man and a 31-year-old young man – who are admitted – without danger to life – in the Calixto García hospital, according to a report from the government of the Cuban capital.

According to reports, the collapse occurred in two phases, The first around 11 pm on Tuesday, when there was a partial collapse, and the second was recorded about two hours later, when rescuers and firefighters were carrying out work inside the building.

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