Through tears, Daniel Craig says goodbye to his role as James Bond

Guadalajara Mexico.

Daniel Craig was moved after filming his final scene as James Bond in the next adventure of 007, No Time to Die, which will be his last appearance as the super spy.

The Apple TV documentary titled Being James Bond, go through the race of Craig as the iconic character, from Casino Royale, Quantum, Skyfall, Spectre until his last scene in No time to die whose premiere has been postponed several times but will finally hit theaters in Mexico on September 30.

Being James Bond shows that Craig’s final scene on No Time to Die, is about Bond running down an out-of-frame alley, a fitting final shot for a 15-year career as 007.

The actor gave a moving speech after finishing an evening shoot, the cast and crew were in tears and shared hugs.

“A lot of people here worked on five films with me and I know a lot has been said about what I think about these films … But I loved every second of them, especially this one because I got up every morning and had the opportunity to work with you, that has been one of the greatest honors of my life “, she said while holding back tears.

No new has been named Bond, but Craig he’s ready to ditch the fancy English accent for a southern accent in the sequel to Knives Out.


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